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Maximum Security Professionals Units

MSP Auto Moto Patrol Unit

We are proud introduce the new way and best economic way to protect your property with our MSP Auto Moto Patrol Units

Incident Assistance

In this picture we have our Patrol Supervisor assisting our public firefighter department on a minor incident in one of our contracts.

Onsite Security Officer

Our Security Personnel wearing his Outdoor Uniform. This Uniform is used during hot weather conditions, allowing the security officer to stay fresh, presentable and perform better

Field Supervisor

We provide Field Supervisors on all of our services to ensure quality control.

Promotional Flyer 2009

This is the promotional flyer we used in 2009. We are currently working in a new flyer.

MSP Postcard

This Postcard was sent to all our potential customers during 2010. Like to have one sent to a friend of yours? Call us at (800)916-2402 and we will send it right away.


We are currently updating our company logo and we are so excited that we want to hear your opinion about it. Tell us what you think. This is a Metal logo prototype 2011.

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